Monday, December 27, 2010

The Magick of Snow....

Have you ever wondered why the world seems so magickal durring & after a snow fall ?   I have and I believe it's due to the beauty it gives everything.  All things are pristine in the blinding white of the fresh fallen snow.

Right now there's about 3 or 4 inches of it where I live.  From the deep South to the North East it's anywhere from a few inches to a thick blanket that insulates everything to make a softer surrounding.  Even harsher noises sound soft due to a new blanket of snow.

In a few days the snow here will be melted from warmer temps and some rain, but the beauty will remain in our memories and pictures.  What about where you live , will you remember the beauty and softness or will you remember only shoveling snow, or being stuck at an airport trying to get home from holiday travels ?   Will you remember the magick of the snow ?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

''Tis the Season" as the old saying goes...

" Tis the Season" as the old saying goes ; since I'm stuck at home recouping from knee surgery I have alot of time on my hands to explore all things about Yule & Christmas. 
From a singular stand point both of these holidays / holy days have things in common ; not surprising inthe least since pagans all over Europe celebrated Yule in many forms before christianity was brought from the christianed Roman Empire.
Celebrations of "light" and also of the male God.  I find t interesting that neither have much to do with Goddess.  Seems that ancient Mid-Eastern and Western-Asian cultures also celebrated the Winter Solstice around the same time each year.

Now, go from ancient European, Mid-Eastern, & Western-Asian times to the present ;
even non-pagans celebrate the "Light" which is refered to as the Son / Jesus.  He is known as the "Light of the World".  I find that interesting.  Seems that since he was really born in the spring the Catholic Church had to incorporate his birth into the Winter Solstice.   OK, most already know this and yet some still don't understand it's importance.

We celebrate Yule & Christmas with tree's.  We decorte them with strings of electric lights and glass or homemade ornaments in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Many have "themed" trees.  Mine for the past few years has imitation apples, pomagranits, pears, gingerbread people, and candy canes amoung a few antique glass ornaments.  I have candles decorating the mantel and dinning room table.   I just knew as a young teenager that having candles was an important requirement for my personal celebration of the season.  Used to drive my mom wild or scared with the amount of red, white, and dark green candles sitting around hr dinning room.  

There's also the sents of the season ; pine, gingerbread, cinnamon & nutmeg to name a few.  Some people also enjoy the smell of frankensence.  We do all our baking and lavish meals.  Not so sure that was the case in ancient times, but drinking muled wine, ales, and meads were definately part of many traditions.  Not so sure where spiking the eggnog came into being, but I have memories of dad taking down the only bottle of whiskey they had every year on Christmas Eve & New Years Eve.  That bottle was given to him when I was 4 years old and mom still had it right before dad passed-on almost 21 years later. 

Gifts are another part of both holidays / holy days.  Be it something we make with our own hands, or buy at a epartment store we try to match-up the best gift with the person in mind.  I have made many cheese balls ; herbal oils and vinegars ; and cookies and sweet breads as gifts over the years.  This year I'm hoping to be able to do just that and add herb butters and herb breads to my list.    : - )

Hymns and songs of the season are also interesting if you think about them.   Many of each { hymn & songs} have references of pagan customs and times.  Such as "Here we come a Wasseling" , and "Oh Christmas Tree".....both have pagan references.
I love to listen the "Hymn of the Bells" done with hand bells.  I get the warm fuzzy feeling all over when I hear it in concert.

Then there's the colors ; Red, White, & Dark Green.  Yes, one may think of Italy or Portugal, but to most it's the 3 main colors of the Season.  I have so much more to research but am glad I have some time to do so this year.  Sure, I missed Black Friday and I didn't take advantage of Cyber Monday either { have to have $$$ in the account } but either way it's giving me the time to know what each of my 3 guys will get and who else will be on my recieving end and what to make for them.

Will I be adding my magickal intentions to the presents ; Yes, of course I will.  I'll also be relying on Goddess Fortuna to guild and help me find the right ingredients and presents for those on my list.

Blessing of Peace,

Friday, November 19, 2010

What Am I Thankful For This Year...

What Am I Thankful For This Year ...

First and foremost my family.  I have a loving, hardworking hubsband who  dispite health problems gets up 6 mornings a week & goes to work so his family has a roof over our heads , food on the table, and bills get paid. 
I also have 2 loving sons who do their part to bring joy to our little family.  The oldest is a hard working, good natured man.  While the youngest is a sometimes hilarious & sometimes a pain in the ass teenager. 

Secondly, I'm thankful that we live in the United States of America.  In my opinion it is the greatest nation on earth, & it's people are the most helpful and giving people on the planet.  Don't believe me just research how much money, food, water, and supplies were given to the people of Haiti and other places within the last couple of years.   That's called "Love or Charity" depending on your viewpoint.

Thirdly, I'm thankful for our military.  These brave young men & women are willing to fight to defend our / my rights to the death if needs be.  Thank You All.

Fourth, I'm thankful for our / my Rights as a Citizen of our great country.  I am one of those people / citizens who will stand-up for each of my rights and those of it's other Citizens.  I will not "shut-up and sit down in the back of the bus".  I take each of my Rights seriously ; this includes my Religious Rights.   I have to Right to believe and practice my spiritual beliefs.  Thank You God & Goddess !

OK, now that you've heard a few of the things I'm Thankful For This Thanksgiving , What Are You Thankful For ?


P.S.  Since I'm slow at learning technical things here I wanted each of you to know that I do appreciate when you reply to my posts but that it wasn't until today that I learned how I could reply to your comments.  I know..."DUH" on my part.  :  P
It wasn't until a few years ago that my hubby dragged me out of the "Dark Ages" and made me leave my chissel and stone tablet behind.  ;  }

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Todays Thoughts.....

Todays thoughts go from the roast and veggie's I've had in my crockpot the past few hours to "Operation Shield" that occured yesterday in MD for a fallen soldier and his family.

Today started as it always does ; up before 5am to take hubby to work and wait 45 minuets to pick ldest up from his job.  Back home to feed my 4-legged toddler and then to start the days laundry, make fresh coffee { A Must }, and to begin my daily routine here at home.   Part of my am routine today was to put a nice roast in the crockpot and chop all the fresh veggies and herbs before adding them.  Let me tell you something , thse folks on the Food Network make it look so easy.  Let us see them cutting, chopping, and pouring ingrediants into those cute little bowls before the show starts !  That's Never going to happen folks ; Ya know why ?  They have Sou-Chef's do all of it before hand ; including all the cooking and baking so all the show's star has is a display of sorts.

OK, enough of my ranting here.  I feel so much better for it too.  Back on subject, after cuting & chopping for 20 minuets I had my CP filled with everything needed for tonights main course.  I did some intentional chopping too {health & wealth}.   Same with making the am coffee.  No luck in having a bubble or two in my mug this morning.  This doesn't happen much for me ; not sure why either.

The daily laundry was started and toddler fed and put in his kennel for his am nap.  Checked on the other 4-legged children {aka cats} and fed a couple that didn't come in for their 5 am feeding.  Decided on a couple more chores that will be done today, then hopped online to check e-mails and facebook.

Bless my friend, Mrs. B. , she shared a YouTube post of "Operation Shield" that happened yesterday in MD for a fallen soldier and his family.  Thanks Mrs. B. for sharing that post !  

I have to say that while I watched it I cried.  It was amazing to see all those people standing alongside the highway where his funeral was passing by with their American flags and shirts supporting his family.  Bless all of them for supporting him and his family.   I'm so glad those awful people from the so-called Baptist church left !  

There are a number of reasons I am so passionate about this :
1} I have 2 nephews that are Marines.  One served in Iraq multiple times and had friends die there.  They both will be going to Afghanastan shortly.
2} I am an ex-Navy wife and as such know the angruish the family and friends are going through when a loved one {Sailor, Marine,Soldier, or Airman} dies in the line of duty for this country.
3} I was raised to honor and respect the dead and their loved ones during their time of grief.  
4} Respect should always be given to those who were willing to lay down their lives to protect our freedoms !

Enough said on my end.


Monday, November 15, 2010

What's a Birthday Really ?

This past weekend has me pondering "Birthdays".  As silly as this may sound , everyone one way or another celebrate their birthday from refusing to admit to it {change in their age}, to huge eleborate parties thrown for them.

My own was this past weekend.  I turned 46 yrs old {Thank You Very Much}.  That morning I awoke to the knowledge I was a year older.  Hmmm, was a bit different feeling than the previous year ; perhaps because I was 1 full year closer to being the big 5 0.  As I layed in the quiet of early morning hours I took stock of what constitutes my life ; all my accomplishments and the things I still want to do & places I want to see.   I'm a little less than halfway through my life.....Yes, I know this for a fact ; I am going to live to be a "Very Old Lady" !!!

I found the simplest things mean more to me now than they did say a decade ago.  Such as spending time with my sons.  They are both considered adults now {18yrs, & 27yrs} and eating a tasty, well prepared meal. 

As you can guess they took me to lunch at a local restruant and then spent the rest of the afternoon with me.  Now here's where it gets was at a local craft fair.  They were the only two males there over the age of 8 or 9 yrs that weren't sellers.  My sons are brave young men to file behind their mom while she shops the differnt booths and selects items , then to carry the bags was something else.  Of course both saw friends of the opposite sex there and all were amazed that not one but both of my sons were there with their mom {"how brave" ;"how wonderful that they love" me that much....ROFL}.

Yes, my birthday made me appreciate how much they love me.  Oh, I forgot to mention the normal bantering was kept to a minimal too.  Miracles & Natural Magick really does happen when we least expect them too !  LOL 

Now what does all this have to do with being a Kitchen / Herb Witch you wonder..... Let me explain :
1} I will fix and enjoy more tasty meals.  Eating is to be a pleasure ; something not rushed through but enjoyed.
2} I will be watching my money more closely from now on.  To vacation in Europe is going to cost some money { aka, Mucho Mulla } and I'm going to be more careful so I can fulfill my traveling goals before I'm too old to enjoy traveling.
3} Must learn more from Mother Nature.  She hs so much to teach & I want to be more of a sponge so I can soak-up all her leassons on natural magick and nature herself.
4} My Time has arrived to start my next phase of life....opening my own business on 2 leavels.  {Will explain this in more detail when it occurse in reality.}.
5} Not to sweat the small stuff in life.  Most things are  small stuff.
6} Last but not least , Enjoy my family and close friends more !   Every man considers his sons his "prodigy" , but if one thinks on it for a short amount of time they will see it's more often than not the mom who riases the young and teaches them right from wrong, and so forth.  Therefore "prodigy" praises should go to the mom !  :  D

So, there you have it. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How Magickal or Mundane is Life ?

How mundane is each of our lives really ?  We wake-up and get our day started like every other day and seem to go through the grind until we fall into bed to sleep each night.  
Does that sound familar to you ?  If so how about looking for the small magickal moments that occure most days that go un-noticed by the majority of the population. 

A perfect example happened extremely early this morning as I was taking hubby to work ; a bright white shooting star streaked across the northern sky for a split second.  It was enough to catch both of our attention and wonder at the beauty of it. 

My family & I have been able to see five of them within the past week going in three different directions and at different times during the evening or early morning while it's darkest before dawn.  The colors have ranged from bright white to a glowing redish orange.  This is very special to those of us living in the Mid-West as we have many large cities that seem to obscure these magickal displays in the heavens.

Anotehr example is noticing ina different way a large barren oak tree.  I've always seen it goiing into a nearby town, but didn't notice all the tiny branches it still had sprouting out on it's more massive limbs.  This tree has to be well over a 100 years old, but it's still growing and buds will form on all it's limbs in the coming spring.

These are but 2 magickal moments in what others would call a mundane life. 

You might ask, why haven't you done any spells, or conjured something to help or aid in someway ?  Wouldn't that be more "witch like" ?  My answer is "No, I have neither done any spell work the past week & No, life for a witch isn't always like that either.  { I have to smile and shake my head when I think of somethings others say or ask. }

Bring the magick into your life and home by looking for or opening yourself to the extra ordinary in life.  It's like looking through a telescope lens and seeing something far differnt than you've ever seen it before.

Blessings of Openess,

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blessed Samhain / Beltain !

Blessed Samhain / Beltain !

Wanted to include both because they are the Yin & Yang of each other twice each year !   I have always seen this and marvel at it's simplicity.  Perhaps there are other major holidays that are celebrated on the same day , but I can't think of them myself.

Autumn & Spring are the "Yin & Yang" of each other and what better way to celebrate each than for their beginnings to be celebrated on the same date twice each year.

How amny of us have already carved our Jack-O-Lanterns and how many are doing a ritual or Dumb Supper this evening ?  Some may have celebrated earlier this weekend too.  

At this time of year I get to be a "kid again" by wearing in public my pointed witch hat {although this year I had a twist on it as the hat was very tiny and on a headband}, and wear some "witchy type" earrings and pins.   My youngest son was so embarrassed { cackling laughter and feeling of acheivement from me } that he refussed to walk or be seen with me and hubby yesterday when we were visiting in Yellow Springs.   Had alot of fun and completely enjoyed the day !

Looks like tonight we'll be having a bonefire and if all goes well I might do my own ritual type of protection blessing of the house & property again. 

Dinner tonight will be acorn squash stuffed with ground turkey spiced with thyme, rosemary, sage, cinnamon & nutmeg, and rice.   Tastes better than it sounds.
Hot cider & coffee after the bonfire to warm the body & soul.

Off to play.....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How magick happens in my kitchen

Cooking with intent is a HUGE part of kitchen witchery.  One has to take into account what has already been cooked and what it's original intent was about before layering foods together.  Example :  If you cooked a romantic meal just for you and your honey you wouldn't want to serve the left-overs with some from Monday Night Football Bash.
Total clash there , even if both adults are larger than life football fans.   Trust me here.
Things must be able to mingle friends at a party.   You wouldn't invite the Geeks to party with the Jocks...they just don't and won't mix !  Same thought with foods, especially left-overs.

I adore fresh herbs !  This is no secret to my family and I have made discoveries that don't always match-up with my favorite magickal herbal books by Scott Cunningham.
Such as when I use fresh Rosemary my hubby has some pretty strange dreams later that night, and fresh Thyme does that to me sometimes too.   In the summer I leave a fresh sprig of Thyme or Rosemary on my stove top alter for Goddess, but when Autumn & Winter arrive I turn to dried herbs instead.  I recommend searching the Internet or library to find which herbs and spices your kitchen Goddess desires and using them unless you wish to invoke Her help in gaining something, money, job, health or healing.

I also have notes inside my kitchen cabinet that help remind me of which herb or spice to use for protection ; healing ; love / lust ; purification ; courage ; money / finances ; & psychic awareness.   Some herbs & spices over-lap in their properties, but this is OK if your going for things that mesh well together.   Example : Money & Protection...both use Clover, Bay, and Fennel and could be looked at as spell work to protect your money coming into your home from flying out too fast.   You get the picture I'm sure.

I'm sure you know to always stir a pot or pan clockwise and your dominate hand is your power or sending hand ; whereas your non-dominate hand is your lesser or receiving hand.   Always find a moment or two to thank Goddess/God or Divine in your day before cooking anything.  This includes making your morning coffee or hot tea !  Thankfulness & gratitude go a long way to keep the flow of blessings going !

I also keep a candle sitting on my stove top until time to cook or bake.  I regularly light the candle while sending out my intentions in the morning and burn for a few hours. Please Do Not Leave Burning Any Candle Unattended, Ever !!!!   I watch that my Bubba kitty doesn't get too close to it so he doesn't get burned.....bathroom safe time for him.

I use a wooden spoon as my wand, so to speak.  When I use all my simple, everyday tools with deep intention I know things will happen.  Oh, they don't usually happen life ain't the movies or TV series.....but things do happen & I believe kitchen magick has longer lasting effects than other forms of the Craft.   Always pay close attention to thoughts or feelings that may "pop" into your head as your cooking. Ward off negative vibes / thoughts and guard closely those that are positive.  That is unless your wanting a negative or unpleasant outcome.   There are some good books on that subject I'm sure.  

Always remember Karma.  One of my favorite quotes, "What comes around goes around and kicks you in the ass."   This is so true and even more so or quicker with kitchen witchery.  Karma can be a lady or a bitch...depending on your intent.  Which brings me to my last thought ..... Your Intention ; It's All Up To You !


Monday, October 25, 2010

Humor in Tight Spots

Going through tight spots has been a reaccuring thing in my life ; as I'm sure it has in most people's lives.  The differnce is how one goes through it or if they decide to camp-out and live there.

Me, personally I don't camp anywhere, anymore !  Camping....that's staying at the local Holiday Inn, right ! ?   No for me I go through everything with my witty, dark humor in tact and laugh or at least sniddly remark on some serious subjects that most folks would be appauld at to say the least.

Examples :  Right now my hubby is going through some serious health issues and I've let him know that, "When the minister said, "Till Death Do You Part", it was'nt a goal he had to meet !" .   Right before his medical prceedure he had to doan one of those wonderful hospital gowns and my quirky humor got the best of me and out came, "Gee honey, you remind me of the dancing Henry's.".  The nurse walked out of his room while saying she didn't know what to think of me and my sense of humor.  Hey , at least I have one...all be it dark and with a twist.

So, what do you think of this type of humor and have you ever used it yourself while dealing with some serious situations in life ?  Let me know....I'm all ears.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On opening an online store....

I have been planning for quiet sometime to open an on-line store to sell pet treats.  I know, sounds a bit boring or normal, but then I thought about expanding it just a wee bit.  Selling other items all made by myself for pets.  Sort of a pet theamed on-line store.

Now here's my question : Should I keep it like a regular mundan pet theamed store or gear it toward the pagan/magickal cmmunity ?  I'm all ears. 

I figure no matter which way I go there will be some spell work involved to bring in the customers and make it a success.  I don't believe in the "no personal gain" thing some have talked about online.  Sounds to much like the TV characters.  I believe in "Do what you will and harm none.".

Tell me your thoughts ; my ears are open.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Being T-Pee'd and Garage Stalkings

Late last night was interesting to say the least ; some friends {2 adults and 2 kids } T-pee'd part of our side yard while at the same time someone unknown to any of us was stalking around our garage.

Kismet happens for a reason and Mr. & Mrs. L were at the right place at the right time.  A car driving by saw them in the act and honked which helped to scar off the would be intruder.  Travis was getting a drink and saw the stalker at the same time he looked up and saw Travis.  All this and a honking car too.

We had a good laugh about everything after all was done and the garage was safe the rest of the night.   No warning from the dog or the outside cats.  I believe it's due to instinct that the persons doing the T-pee'ing were doing so in good nature and perhaps not realizing the person at the garage wasn't with this small group of merry-makers.   Hmmm, gives one pause. 

Now we have to decide of we want another dog that will be a gaurd dog or not.  Would have been alot of barking if Moose had still been alive.  LOL
The "toddler"/ Tanka slept through all of it.  Go figure !  { rolling my eyes}

Wondering if I should do a protection witch bottle for the whole property or just for the house and garage.   Nw, what would one put into a protection bottle of this nature.....will have to do some homework on this and will keep yoou posted.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Do I Choose A Goddess or Does She Choose Me ?

I've been wondering lately if I'm to choose a Goddess or will She choose me.  Might sound a bit confusing , right. 

At first I talked with & prayed to the Jewish Goddess, Ashera.  Then several months went by and I started talking with Vesta / Heasta.  After all they are the protectors of the hearth and home.  I honor Goddess with my stovetop alter and a small modern bronze statue representing Her ; in which I leave offerings of herbs, spices, and nuts.

Does anyone else worship more than one Goddess at a time ?  If so, are they from the same patheon or different cultures ?  Do you worship or honor them in rituals only or other ways ?   Having come from a dogma background these types of questions are important to me.  So, if anyone cares to answer I'd love to know.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Opening a blog for the 1st time.....

Afternoon !

Well, I finally did it ; I opened my 1st blog and am posting.  Yeah, I know, "Boring", but it will get better.  I promise.

I'm a Domestic Witch that Rambles alot....hence the name of the blog.  So, for those who don't know what a Domestic Witch is I'll explain.....I'm a kitchen/Herb Witch who stays home and does the " Domestic Thing"the majority of the time.  Clean, cook, do all the grocery shopping, taking care of all the 4-legged furry children { 1 deaf Great Dane, 2 indoor cats, and 5 outside/inside cats }, schedualing of appointments, studying all forms of pet business and healing arts, and magickal studies. 

This time of year I get very domestic and cook & bake up a storm.  Seriously considering making a meal plan/chart for the following week.  It will help with the grocery shopping, or so I've been told.  For the last 3 weeks I have been using-up the meats in my freezers.  Almost out of cicken and ground turkey.  have used all the ground beef and pork already.  

Now this may sound strange, but to get an idea of the amount of grocery shopping I do every week.....
It's usually done on a Thursday and I go to 3 stores {Aldi, Wal-Mart, and Kroger}.  Our weekly bill was around $180 to $200 for 4 people { 1 woman & 3 guys}.  No small children and no junk food {chips, cookies, snack cakes, or pop}.   I've been an avide couponer since my husband's Navy days so I know how to shop using them, but have found that Aldi is still cheaper on most things than the other stores who accept coupons. 

My goal is to slash my grocery bill by 10% to 15% per week.  Will update on this as I go.  Will give helpful hints and post sales ifany are interested.

As for my magickal & spiritual side....
Am looking forward to Samhain.  Even though I'm a solitary witch {one who works her magick alone or  without a coven of other witches} I have been invited by another to join her and a few other pagans for their Samhain gathering.  This will be a first for me and I'm looking forward to it !   Samhain is the spiritual holiday for witches otherwise known as Halloween to everyone else.  I celebrate Halloween too just like everyone else, but there is a spiritual side to this day/night that is celebrated differently for witches, Wiccans, and other pagans.  

So, now that you have a "Flavor" of my posts and me I hope you come back often and post me questions or comments.