Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is Advertising Wrong ?

Happy Sadie Hawkins & Leap Day !!

I've been noticing the past few weeks how many witches post almost nothing but their
products in their blogs and Face Book pages. It's not that I think their products {books, potions & lotions, etc.} aren't worth being posted online in their blogs or on Face Book. It's just that seems to be the Only thing they talk about. There's No sharing of their day, thoughts or feelings otehrwise. No unpayed suggestions or tid-bits to aid a fellow sister or brother witch along.
It's almost like reading an infommercial instead of reading something from another pagan elder or witch sister or brother.
Personally, I have went to book stores and looked through some of the books that have been on these infommercials an only found Two with any merit. The rest seemed to be aimed at younger or newbie witch want-to-be's. Most witches have a fairly basic knowledge base ; especially kitchen/green/herb/hedge witches. Yes, I put all of them together since their core beliefs are very similar. So why does any witch worth her or his weight need to purchase a book or whatever the product is when they either already have the knowledge or have a book or whatever that is 70% to 90% similar ???? That my friends is CRAZY.
I'm not saying I do not have a collection of good books on many subjects of the Craft.
I just don't think it's necessary to purchase everyone that's published just so my shelves can hold them. Like in many other things in life....."Less Is More".
I also have dear friends who make and craft many beautiful items and put in their etsy stores and in their own personal blogs and on Face Book. But these same individuals also blog and post things to their Face Book pages about their personal lives and hold conversations with their friends too. They extend a helping hand on-line to those in need by posting daily prayer needs or universal vibes. These are the exact same people who will replace those whose lives are so wrapped up in making money that they forget why they started publishing or crafting in the first place.
Blessed Be the new upcoming elders so they will remain grounded in life.
Just my thoughts and perspective from my corner.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Day of January....

  Today the temp is up to 57 degree with no rain & blue skies.  Sounds like the perfect spring day doesn't it ; too bad it's the last day of January, and that means it's in the dead of winter here in North America.  I know Imbolic is only 2 days away and that it's seen by many as the 1st of the Spring Festivals, but in the Northern Hemisphere it's supposed to be cold with snow and ice.
  Having said all that I think Mother Nature is pissed at us or something along that line.  Could be that the earth is in another cycle that we humans haven't been around long enough to have witnessed before too.  Or it could be the beginning of the last year for us as the Myan Calender predicted.   Hmmm......

  Personally, I'm not going to poo-poo any of the above because I just don't know which if any could actually be happening.  I do know that scientifically speaking all this warm weather without a long cold snap with snow {or gods forbid ice} will cause a drought this summer and crops will not be good.  Too many bad things can come of this warner winter than any positive in the long run.  

  A friend suggested someone should do a "rain dance" , but I'm thinking it should be a snow dance instead.  Those of you who know me will be smiling or snickering about now....Yes, I did say a snow dance.  While I may distest cold, snow & ice , I do understand the necessity of them during the winter months.  Still think I should live in a warmer climate but that's another story all together.

  So what say you fellow pagans and sister/brother witches....Should we give it a try to coax Mother Nature into sending us some colder weather with some needed snow ?   I'm game if you are.

  Blessed Be,
  Topaz the Rambling Witch

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Goddess in the Flesh and Imbolic / Candlemass

  For the last few months I've been contemplating what it means to be a woman of what I like to call "Goddess Age".  I could have slapped my family MD last winter and my message therapist a few weeks ago when they both referred to me as "middle aged woman".  WTH !  Not for anything but I'm NOT middle aged by a long shot.  I'm old enough to have 2 adult children and been married going on 30 years , but I was a very young bride and mom { late teens for both }. 

  So with all that said let me share what I've been doing for the last 4 months ..... I've been taking Belly Dance classes once a week and hubby & I have recently taken up yoga !  Both are such wonderful experiences and those of you who know me by my real name on FB can account for my weekly blogs about how I gush on & on.  LOL

  Being a Goddess in the Flesh to me means taking up whatever stage of the Goddess {Maiden , Mother , Wise Woman/ Crown } a woman finds herself in and living it as joyfully as possible to the fullest.  

For the first time in my life I feel like I'm within reach of my full potential as a strong , fullfilled woman.  I don't have what our sociaty considers a "perfect size body" ; I'm a curvey /full figured / plus size / real woman with a real womans body.  I am proud to say I have real breasts , hips, and yes a booty too !  

  I also have 30 years of experience under my belt that tells me that although the grass sometimes may look greener { where men are concerned } there's a good reason for that....the other field is full of BS / manurer / or just plain old shit. There's no reason to think someone else will make you happier or be better for you.  No offence meant to any person or their sensabilities, but I speak from the heart and my mind.  I can do so since it's my blog after all.  { Smirking } 

  Yes, that's another thing about being a Goddess in the Flesh , we can take on the attributes of all Goddesses.  Can't see any one Goddess being at perfect peace and without a little dry or dark humor at times.  Even Mother Nature has her own dry sense of humor.....just look at this wonter if you don't believe me.

  I will blog on & off about my own Goddess in the Flesh self experiences from time to time. 

  One other thing I want to share is my personal experience with another younger woman who seems to be in competition { her own making , not mine } with me over some simple things.  I wasn't for sure I was getting the right vibes so I asked my hubsband what he was seeing & hearing and he confirmed it.  Why would a younger woman feel the need to compete with an older woman in any way ?   I don't view her or any woman as competition.  I simply don't compete with any woman .... it's one of those leassons I learned years ago ; "Be the best woman I can be and let God & Goddess deal with the rest.".  

  Now about Imbolic / Candlemass.... Has anyone else been "Feeling" a shift or change slowly coming to a head with our upcoming sabot ? 

  I started feeling and seeing small signs about 2 weeks ago.  Simple things really , like thinking about which Goddess I want to honnor on a small alter in my kitchen for the rest of winter.  Heista has always been my kitchen Goddess, but Bridget has come to my mind lately as well.

  Foods that are seasonal appropriate to cook and eat , as well as the color wheel for just about everything from foods to table cloths and napkins to clothes I daily wear.
  Imbolic / Candlemass or whichever of the many other names for our next sabot you prefer is mainly a sabot of celebrating the sun's journey through our solar system, or fire, light, etc..   It's not quiet spring when this accures but it's the start of more renewing which is coming. 

  Foods should be yellow, red, orange in color and add a touch of spice or heat if you enjoy the flavors.  Think about what is offered at your farmers market for seasonal foods. 

  I read that white and silver are colors to decorate with ; both do represent Goddesses , but I'm in favor of using them along with yellow, orange, peach, red, and wine colors to add the spice or heat of life to the atmosphere. 

  I'm thinking of spicing up my alter with these and some spices and herbs to thank God & Goddess for their winter blessings and ask for an abundance of prosperity and protection for family & I for the rest of the season and into spring.

 Candles are a must and their colors and smells must compliment each other as well.  Nothing that is sweet smelling no matter the color of the candle.  Spicey and Homey is the key in my house this Imblic.

  Blessings to All until next time,
  Topaz the Domestic Rambling Witch

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year....Dragon !

Happy Chinese New Year.....The year of the Dragon !!!                                                        
  I was glad that the year of the Dragon was once again apon us. 
You may wonder why so I'll tell you.....I was born in another year
of the Dragon and I figure we Dragons need to stick together.  LOL
All kidding aside, this Dragon year is for Water Dragons.  I need to
do a bit of research on this Dragon.  Could have been an Air Dragon
with the tornados and T-storms that blew through the Southern &
Midwestern states late last night and into today.                              
  Now onto the mundane side of life....  Has anyone else noticed how
dead or slow stores are right now ?  Walmart in the little town closest to us has been dead since right after Chrismas.  At first I had a small lost of excuses such as, "Paying off Christmas credit cards", "it's too cold to go out", "it's to rainy, snowy, icey, etc." ; but in reality none of them come clean in the wash { so to speak }.   Take today for example ; I went to check out at Walmart and the cashier has worked there for as long as this store has been here.  I remarked about how "dead" it was and she said she & other cashiers had remarked on it while waiting for customers to check-out.                                                                                                     
Same thing at Kroger , Staples, etc.  The pet-food store was the only store with any real business.  Maybe because they're smart enough to have decent sales on premium dog food.   Hmmm, Yeah that could be it !  That and a good manager who understand "Real Customer Service" !   That's a rarety in and of itself these days.                                                  
  My question is then, If the economy is getting back on track and people are working again why isn't retail showing it when you walk into the stores ?  Shouldn't there be more customers shopping day or night ?   Why are the store parking lots more than half empty ?    Perhaps the government is putting out more BS propaganda to persuaid the American population that things are better than they really are ; but to what         purpose .....Hmmmmm ??                                                                             
Well folks until next time ; stay well, safe, and warm.                               
  Blessings from the Domestic Witchs Ramblings.                                       

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Doing Good for Karma's Sake ?

Recently I was talking with my husband about "Karma being either a bitch or a lady and it all depending on us.".   May sound funny but if you think of it , it's so true.  
When we do something good for another are we doing so because of Karma or "What comes around goes around", or because it's just the correct thing to do ?  I find myself doing it for all of the above at different times.  
Now, does this mean we won't reap what we sow or will we ?  If we do something good / nice/helpful just so we get good brownie points with Karma, God, Goddess will that be our award in itself ?   Hmmmm, makes one think.
If we do something to truely help another for no other reason than it's the right thing to do and because they are our fellow human beings.  They are our brothers and sisters of humanity and helping each other is the right thing to do.
OK, now I'm stepping off my soap box and I want to hear your opinions.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Winning Numbers....

Last nights winning Mega Millions numbers have 4 of the same numbers that was a re-occuring theme in the TV series "Lost".  Life & Art interact once again.  Is it a bit of magick, perhaps.  If so, I want some of that type of magick to work for my husband & I.

There may be some who think that is wrong, but I think / believe it's OK.  The way I look at it is this :  When my husband & I win the lotto {win big too} we will of course take care of our furture and that of our sons, but also will be able to help {hands-up} those in need ; both human and 4 legged.  Spread the wealth on our own terms.

Whoever the 2 very fortunate winners are I wish them the very best and hope they get wise financial advise.

What say each of you ; is it magickal or is it luck ??


Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 ---- Making of a Better Year

2011 --- It has all the making of a better year.  Why do I say that ?  Well because last year wasn't always such a good year for many of us.  Too many people lost their jobs, homes, income, and savings.  Many of us had health and physical issues ; some of them major.

I read recently that 1-1-'11 is a good omen.  I'm all for good or positive omens.  Isn't it all in our belief system ?  I think so.  If we believe something then we can achieve it , and I believe this new year, 2011 is a better year for myself and my family !

Now going about making it so is a more practical question.  Well, if I'm going to believe in something that means placing my spiritual faith in the belief ; therefore I choose to believe things will be better.  On the practical side I will make changes in my diet, exercise, and health habbits to be healthier.  Same with helping my husband.  Yoga and Reiki call to me.  With Yoga, I will have to go slowly.   With money and wealth I will make cut-backs on spending and looking for more sales & resale shops for needed hoem items.  Look for deals { 1/2 price and such} for vacation and other things that encourage rest & relaxation.  Eating at home more and date night twice a month. 

I will give-back to my community and help those who need & desire a hand-up instead of a hand-out.  Personally, I was taught and believe these are 2 separate things.  Hand-up is teaching someone to fish so he/she can eat for a lifetime ; where as hand-out is giving someone a fish so they can eat a meal only and come back for more hand-outs daily.  That is dependance  , much like an drug or alcohole addict.

So, what say you ?  Will 2011 be a better year for you and your loved ones or just the smae old thing ?  The choice is yours...each of you !

New Years / 2011 Blessings.