Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How Magickal or Mundane is Life ?

How mundane is each of our lives really ?  We wake-up and get our day started like every other day and seem to go through the grind until we fall into bed to sleep each night.  
Does that sound familar to you ?  If so how about looking for the small magickal moments that occure most days that go un-noticed by the majority of the population. 

A perfect example happened extremely early this morning as I was taking hubby to work ; a bright white shooting star streaked across the northern sky for a split second.  It was enough to catch both of our attention and wonder at the beauty of it. 

My family & I have been able to see five of them within the past week going in three different directions and at different times during the evening or early morning while it's darkest before dawn.  The colors have ranged from bright white to a glowing redish orange.  This is very special to those of us living in the Mid-West as we have many large cities that seem to obscure these magickal displays in the heavens.

Anotehr example is noticing ina different way a large barren oak tree.  I've always seen it goiing into a nearby town, but didn't notice all the tiny branches it still had sprouting out on it's more massive limbs.  This tree has to be well over a 100 years old, but it's still growing and buds will form on all it's limbs in the coming spring.

These are but 2 magickal moments in what others would call a mundane life. 

You might ask, why haven't you done any spells, or conjured something to help or aid in someway ?  Wouldn't that be more "witch like" ?  My answer is "No, I have neither done any spell work the past week & No, life for a witch isn't always like that either.  { I have to smile and shake my head when I think of somethings others say or ask. }

Bring the magick into your life and home by looking for or opening yourself to the extra ordinary in life.  It's like looking through a telescope lens and seeing something far differnt than you've ever seen it before.

Blessings of Openess,

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  1. Lovely. I was just thinking about this earlier...probably not a coincidence!