Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How magick happens in my kitchen

Cooking with intent is a HUGE part of kitchen witchery.  One has to take into account what has already been cooked and what it's original intent was about before layering foods together.  Example :  If you cooked a romantic meal just for you and your honey you wouldn't want to serve the left-overs with some from Monday Night Football Bash.
Total clash there , even if both adults are larger than life football fans.   Trust me here.
Things must be able to mingle friends at a party.   You wouldn't invite the Geeks to party with the Jocks...they just don't and won't mix !  Same thought with foods, especially left-overs.

I adore fresh herbs !  This is no secret to my family and I have made discoveries that don't always match-up with my favorite magickal herbal books by Scott Cunningham.
Such as when I use fresh Rosemary my hubby has some pretty strange dreams later that night, and fresh Thyme does that to me sometimes too.   In the summer I leave a fresh sprig of Thyme or Rosemary on my stove top alter for Goddess, but when Autumn & Winter arrive I turn to dried herbs instead.  I recommend searching the Internet or library to find which herbs and spices your kitchen Goddess desires and using them unless you wish to invoke Her help in gaining something, money, job, health or healing.

I also have notes inside my kitchen cabinet that help remind me of which herb or spice to use for protection ; healing ; love / lust ; purification ; courage ; money / finances ; & psychic awareness.   Some herbs & spices over-lap in their properties, but this is OK if your going for things that mesh well together.   Example : Money & Protection...both use Clover, Bay, and Fennel and could be looked at as spell work to protect your money coming into your home from flying out too fast.   You get the picture I'm sure.

I'm sure you know to always stir a pot or pan clockwise and your dominate hand is your power or sending hand ; whereas your non-dominate hand is your lesser or receiving hand.   Always find a moment or two to thank Goddess/God or Divine in your day before cooking anything.  This includes making your morning coffee or hot tea !  Thankfulness & gratitude go a long way to keep the flow of blessings going !

I also keep a candle sitting on my stove top until time to cook or bake.  I regularly light the candle while sending out my intentions in the morning and burn for a few hours. Please Do Not Leave Burning Any Candle Unattended, Ever !!!!   I watch that my Bubba kitty doesn't get too close to it so he doesn't get burned.....bathroom safe time for him.

I use a wooden spoon as my wand, so to speak.  When I use all my simple, everyday tools with deep intention I know things will happen.  Oh, they don't usually happen life ain't the movies or TV series.....but things do happen & I believe kitchen magick has longer lasting effects than other forms of the Craft.   Always pay close attention to thoughts or feelings that may "pop" into your head as your cooking. Ward off negative vibes / thoughts and guard closely those that are positive.  That is unless your wanting a negative or unpleasant outcome.   There are some good books on that subject I'm sure.  

Always remember Karma.  One of my favorite quotes, "What comes around goes around and kicks you in the ass."   This is so true and even more so or quicker with kitchen witchery.  Karma can be a lady or a bitch...depending on your intent.  Which brings me to my last thought ..... Your Intention ; It's All Up To You !


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  1. Oddly enough, I think cooking has a magick all of its own even without the added Pagan techniques. But I definitely agree with you that it's important to choose the right food for the right occasion. It's like when someone brings mushroom soup to a small potluck in summer. You can tell there was no amount of kitchen witchery involved there. :P