Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On opening an online store....

I have been planning for quiet sometime to open an on-line store to sell pet treats.  I know, sounds a bit boring or normal, but then I thought about expanding it just a wee bit.  Selling other items all made by myself for pets.  Sort of a pet theamed on-line store.

Now here's my question : Should I keep it like a regular mundan pet theamed store or gear it toward the pagan/magickal cmmunity ?  I'm all ears. 

I figure no matter which way I go there will be some spell work involved to bring in the customers and make it a success.  I don't believe in the "no personal gain" thing some have talked about online.  Sounds to much like the TV characters.  I believe in "Do what you will and harm none.".

Tell me your thoughts ; my ears are open.


1 comment:

  1. First of all I think it is an awesome idea, and second of all, considering how well Pagan themed businesses do on Etsy, I would totally go for the Pagan aspect.

    There is such a huge Pagan community on Etsy that I think that they would flock to buy things for their beloved fur babies from a magical retailer!