Friday, October 15, 2010

Do I Choose A Goddess or Does She Choose Me ?

I've been wondering lately if I'm to choose a Goddess or will She choose me.  Might sound a bit confusing , right. 

At first I talked with & prayed to the Jewish Goddess, Ashera.  Then several months went by and I started talking with Vesta / Heasta.  After all they are the protectors of the hearth and home.  I honor Goddess with my stovetop alter and a small modern bronze statue representing Her ; in which I leave offerings of herbs, spices, and nuts.

Does anyone else worship more than one Goddess at a time ?  If so, are they from the same patheon or different cultures ?  Do you worship or honor them in rituals only or other ways ?   Having come from a dogma background these types of questions are important to me.  So, if anyone cares to answer I'd love to know.



  1. Oh, indeed I do! Frigga claimed me a few years ago, yet we closed on our home on Imbolc, so Brigid is important in our home. Recently I asked if there was a goddess that wanted to work with me, and Hathor stepped forward. That's three different pantheons going on for me right now! I honor them all differently and yet the same. I chat with them regularly, asking for their help in a given situation, thanking them for guiding me when I need guidance. In ritual I honor Goddess and God, generally without names.

  2. I also work with Goddesses and Gods from several different pantheons. I do not do rituals much, but unless I need something specific, I too honor without names most of the time.