Monday, December 27, 2010

The Magick of Snow....

Have you ever wondered why the world seems so magickal durring & after a snow fall ?   I have and I believe it's due to the beauty it gives everything.  All things are pristine in the blinding white of the fresh fallen snow.

Right now there's about 3 or 4 inches of it where I live.  From the deep South to the North East it's anywhere from a few inches to a thick blanket that insulates everything to make a softer surrounding.  Even harsher noises sound soft due to a new blanket of snow.

In a few days the snow here will be melted from warmer temps and some rain, but the beauty will remain in our memories and pictures.  What about where you live , will you remember the beauty and softness or will you remember only shoveling snow, or being stuck at an airport trying to get home from holiday travels ?   Will you remember the magick of the snow ?

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