Thursday, October 14, 2010

Opening a blog for the 1st time.....

Afternoon !

Well, I finally did it ; I opened my 1st blog and am posting.  Yeah, I know, "Boring", but it will get better.  I promise.

I'm a Domestic Witch that Rambles alot....hence the name of the blog.  So, for those who don't know what a Domestic Witch is I'll explain.....I'm a kitchen/Herb Witch who stays home and does the " Domestic Thing"the majority of the time.  Clean, cook, do all the grocery shopping, taking care of all the 4-legged furry children { 1 deaf Great Dane, 2 indoor cats, and 5 outside/inside cats }, schedualing of appointments, studying all forms of pet business and healing arts, and magickal studies. 

This time of year I get very domestic and cook & bake up a storm.  Seriously considering making a meal plan/chart for the following week.  It will help with the grocery shopping, or so I've been told.  For the last 3 weeks I have been using-up the meats in my freezers.  Almost out of cicken and ground turkey.  have used all the ground beef and pork already.  

Now this may sound strange, but to get an idea of the amount of grocery shopping I do every week.....
It's usually done on a Thursday and I go to 3 stores {Aldi, Wal-Mart, and Kroger}.  Our weekly bill was around $180 to $200 for 4 people { 1 woman & 3 guys}.  No small children and no junk food {chips, cookies, snack cakes, or pop}.   I've been an avide couponer since my husband's Navy days so I know how to shop using them, but have found that Aldi is still cheaper on most things than the other stores who accept coupons. 

My goal is to slash my grocery bill by 10% to 15% per week.  Will update on this as I go.  Will give helpful hints and post sales ifany are interested.

As for my magickal & spiritual side....
Am looking forward to Samhain.  Even though I'm a solitary witch {one who works her magick alone or  without a coven of other witches} I have been invited by another to join her and a few other pagans for their Samhain gathering.  This will be a first for me and I'm looking forward to it !   Samhain is the spiritual holiday for witches otherwise known as Halloween to everyone else.  I celebrate Halloween too just like everyone else, but there is a spiritual side to this day/night that is celebrated differently for witches, Wiccans, and other pagans.  

So, now that you have a "Flavor" of my posts and me I hope you come back often and post me questions or comments.



  1. Woah! $150-$200/wk. for that many guys!? I'd say your working magick already!

    Welcome to the blogosphere fellow kitchen witch! :)

  2. Yay...can't wait to read about your journey
    Aleza ( Mysterium )

  3. Ahhhh! My dearest Topaz! How fantastic is this?! I am so proud to be a follower of your blog!! Can't wait to read more and more and much more!!

    Brightest of Blessings to you, my dear friend!
    ~ Shawmarie ~

  4. My grocery bill last week for a family of 5 (all adults) was $66. Of course, we are vegan...

  5. Oh Topaz I can not tell you how happy I am to see you have a blog now!

    I am so looking forward to sharing in your journey!

    Up until a couple of months ago, our grocery bill ran about 300 a month for 3 people and I slashed it over the last couple of months to less or right at 200 a month, and the biggest cost in that is meat of course. We eat a lot of chicken and ground turkey, hamburger rarely and other cuts of beef even more rarely.

    Every now and then we will go to the butcher, who has a " 5 for $19.99" deal, you get 5 choices of meat for 20 bucks, and then we get some pork chops and cubed steak and other stuff. I miss steaks, but I love chicken, and our Wal-Mart usually has boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale ( 11 bucks for 10 large breasts per pack, one pack feeds us for 3 nights )so we eat a lot of chicken.

    I do not use coupons much because usually the coupons are for stuff we do not eat anyway, since I buy store label stuff most of the time.

    I look forward to reading more form you!