Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blessed Samhain / Beltain !

Blessed Samhain / Beltain !

Wanted to include both because they are the Yin & Yang of each other twice each year !   I have always seen this and marvel at it's simplicity.  Perhaps there are other major holidays that are celebrated on the same day , but I can't think of them myself.

Autumn & Spring are the "Yin & Yang" of each other and what better way to celebrate each than for their beginnings to be celebrated on the same date twice each year.

How amny of us have already carved our Jack-O-Lanterns and how many are doing a ritual or Dumb Supper this evening ?  Some may have celebrated earlier this weekend too.  

At this time of year I get to be a "kid again" by wearing in public my pointed witch hat {although this year I had a twist on it as the hat was very tiny and on a headband}, and wear some "witchy type" earrings and pins.   My youngest son was so embarrassed { cackling laughter and feeling of acheivement from me } that he refussed to walk or be seen with me and hubby yesterday when we were visiting in Yellow Springs.   Had alot of fun and completely enjoyed the day !

Looks like tonight we'll be having a bonefire and if all goes well I might do my own ritual type of protection blessing of the house & property again. 

Dinner tonight will be acorn squash stuffed with ground turkey spiced with thyme, rosemary, sage, cinnamon & nutmeg, and rice.   Tastes better than it sounds.
Hot cider & coffee after the bonfire to warm the body & soul.

Off to play.....

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