Monday, November 15, 2010

What's a Birthday Really ?

This past weekend has me pondering "Birthdays".  As silly as this may sound , everyone one way or another celebrate their birthday from refusing to admit to it {change in their age}, to huge eleborate parties thrown for them.

My own was this past weekend.  I turned 46 yrs old {Thank You Very Much}.  That morning I awoke to the knowledge I was a year older.  Hmmm, was a bit different feeling than the previous year ; perhaps because I was 1 full year closer to being the big 5 0.  As I layed in the quiet of early morning hours I took stock of what constitutes my life ; all my accomplishments and the things I still want to do & places I want to see.   I'm a little less than halfway through my life.....Yes, I know this for a fact ; I am going to live to be a "Very Old Lady" !!!

I found the simplest things mean more to me now than they did say a decade ago.  Such as spending time with my sons.  They are both considered adults now {18yrs, & 27yrs} and eating a tasty, well prepared meal. 

As you can guess they took me to lunch at a local restruant and then spent the rest of the afternoon with me.  Now here's where it gets was at a local craft fair.  They were the only two males there over the age of 8 or 9 yrs that weren't sellers.  My sons are brave young men to file behind their mom while she shops the differnt booths and selects items , then to carry the bags was something else.  Of course both saw friends of the opposite sex there and all were amazed that not one but both of my sons were there with their mom {"how brave" ;"how wonderful that they love" me that much....ROFL}.

Yes, my birthday made me appreciate how much they love me.  Oh, I forgot to mention the normal bantering was kept to a minimal too.  Miracles & Natural Magick really does happen when we least expect them too !  LOL 

Now what does all this have to do with being a Kitchen / Herb Witch you wonder..... Let me explain :
1} I will fix and enjoy more tasty meals.  Eating is to be a pleasure ; something not rushed through but enjoyed.
2} I will be watching my money more closely from now on.  To vacation in Europe is going to cost some money { aka, Mucho Mulla } and I'm going to be more careful so I can fulfill my traveling goals before I'm too old to enjoy traveling.
3} Must learn more from Mother Nature.  She hs so much to teach & I want to be more of a sponge so I can soak-up all her leassons on natural magick and nature herself.
4} My Time has arrived to start my next phase of life....opening my own business on 2 leavels.  {Will explain this in more detail when it occurse in reality.}.
5} Not to sweat the small stuff in life.  Most things are  small stuff.
6} Last but not least , Enjoy my family and close friends more !   Every man considers his sons his "prodigy" , but if one thinks on it for a short amount of time they will see it's more often than not the mom who riases the young and teaches them right from wrong, and so forth.  Therefore "prodigy" praises should go to the mom !  :  D

So, there you have it. 

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