Monday, October 25, 2010

Humor in Tight Spots

Going through tight spots has been a reaccuring thing in my life ; as I'm sure it has in most people's lives.  The differnce is how one goes through it or if they decide to camp-out and live there.

Me, personally I don't camp anywhere, anymore !  Camping....that's staying at the local Holiday Inn, right ! ?   No for me I go through everything with my witty, dark humor in tact and laugh or at least sniddly remark on some serious subjects that most folks would be appauld at to say the least.

Examples :  Right now my hubby is going through some serious health issues and I've let him know that, "When the minister said, "Till Death Do You Part", it was'nt a goal he had to meet !" .   Right before his medical prceedure he had to doan one of those wonderful hospital gowns and my quirky humor got the best of me and out came, "Gee honey, you remind me of the dancing Henry's.".  The nurse walked out of his room while saying she didn't know what to think of me and my sense of humor.  Hey , at least I have one...all be it dark and with a twist.

So, what do you think of this type of humor and have you ever used it yourself while dealing with some serious situations in life ?  Let me know....I'm all ears.


  1. Humor is one of the things that help you live through difficult times. I'm not the one who worries though, so I can't give many examples, but I do know that my humor has helped me several times.

  2. I am the same way as you. Thankfully, so is my husband. When things get hairy, we start cracking jokes about the stupidest things. My mother is in the hospital with cancer, and last night the nurse knocked and asked if she could come in, and I said, "Sure, nothing kinky going on here, but can we get one of those trapeze things to hang over the bed?" (Yeah, my mom thought it was funny, too.) It's just the way we are wired. I don't want to sit around crying all the time anyway, I'd be useless. If I'm looking for the fun and humor, I can deal with the bad stuff and be functional.

  3. Jack and I are the same way, thankfully. Our sense of humor is dark and morbid at times, and we get strange looks all the time, but it works for us, and when things get tough it is a comfort when the other person cracks a dark joke that chances are no one will understand but the two of us. It is just part of our bond.