Sunday, October 17, 2010

Being T-Pee'd and Garage Stalkings

Late last night was interesting to say the least ; some friends {2 adults and 2 kids } T-pee'd part of our side yard while at the same time someone unknown to any of us was stalking around our garage.

Kismet happens for a reason and Mr. & Mrs. L were at the right place at the right time.  A car driving by saw them in the act and honked which helped to scar off the would be intruder.  Travis was getting a drink and saw the stalker at the same time he looked up and saw Travis.  All this and a honking car too.

We had a good laugh about everything after all was done and the garage was safe the rest of the night.   No warning from the dog or the outside cats.  I believe it's due to instinct that the persons doing the T-pee'ing were doing so in good nature and perhaps not realizing the person at the garage wasn't with this small group of merry-makers.   Hmmm, gives one pause. 

Now we have to decide of we want another dog that will be a gaurd dog or not.  Would have been alot of barking if Moose had still been alive.  LOL
The "toddler"/ Tanka slept through all of it.  Go figure !  { rolling my eyes}

Wondering if I should do a protection witch bottle for the whole property or just for the house and garage.   Nw, what would one put into a protection bottle of this nature.....will have to do some homework on this and will keep yoou posted.


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  1. I think Ellen Dugan tells a similar story, but in her case it was a peeping tom. Glad to hear your would-be intruder was discovered before anything went amiss!