Tuesday, November 30, 2010

''Tis the Season" as the old saying goes...

" Tis the Season" as the old saying goes ; since I'm stuck at home recouping from knee surgery I have alot of time on my hands to explore all things about Yule & Christmas. 
From a singular stand point both of these holidays / holy days have things in common ; not surprising inthe least since pagans all over Europe celebrated Yule in many forms before christianity was brought from the christianed Roman Empire.
Celebrations of "light" and also of the male God.  I find t interesting that neither have much to do with Goddess.  Seems that ancient Mid-Eastern and Western-Asian cultures also celebrated the Winter Solstice around the same time each year.

Now, go from ancient European, Mid-Eastern, & Western-Asian times to the present ;
even non-pagans celebrate the "Light" which is refered to as the Son / Jesus.  He is known as the "Light of the World".  I find that interesting.  Seems that since he was really born in the spring the Catholic Church had to incorporate his birth into the Winter Solstice.   OK, most already know this and yet some still don't understand it's importance.

We celebrate Yule & Christmas with tree's.  We decorte them with strings of electric lights and glass or homemade ornaments in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Many have "themed" trees.  Mine for the past few years has imitation apples, pomagranits, pears, gingerbread people, and candy canes amoung a few antique glass ornaments.  I have candles decorating the mantel and dinning room table.   I just knew as a young teenager that having candles was an important requirement for my personal celebration of the season.  Used to drive my mom wild or scared with the amount of red, white, and dark green candles sitting around hr dinning room.  

There's also the sents of the season ; pine, gingerbread, cinnamon & nutmeg to name a few.  Some people also enjoy the smell of frankensence.  We do all our baking and lavish meals.  Not so sure that was the case in ancient times, but drinking muled wine, ales, and meads were definately part of many traditions.  Not so sure where spiking the eggnog came into being, but I have memories of dad taking down the only bottle of whiskey they had every year on Christmas Eve & New Years Eve.  That bottle was given to him when I was 4 years old and mom still had it right before dad passed-on almost 21 years later. 

Gifts are another part of both holidays / holy days.  Be it something we make with our own hands, or buy at a epartment store we try to match-up the best gift with the person in mind.  I have made many cheese balls ; herbal oils and vinegars ; and cookies and sweet breads as gifts over the years.  This year I'm hoping to be able to do just that and add herb butters and herb breads to my list.    : - )

Hymns and songs of the season are also interesting if you think about them.   Many of each { hymn & songs} have references of pagan customs and times.  Such as "Here we come a Wasseling" , and "Oh Christmas Tree".....both have pagan references.
I love to listen the "Hymn of the Bells" done with hand bells.  I get the warm fuzzy feeling all over when I hear it in concert.

Then there's the colors ; Red, White, & Dark Green.  Yes, one may think of Italy or Portugal, but to most it's the 3 main colors of the Season.  I have so much more to research but am glad I have some time to do so this year.  Sure, I missed Black Friday and I didn't take advantage of Cyber Monday either { have to have $$$ in the account } but either way it's giving me the time to know what each of my 3 guys will get and who else will be on my recieving end and what to make for them.

Will I be adding my magickal intentions to the presents ; Yes, of course I will.  I'll also be relying on Goddess Fortuna to guild and help me find the right ingredients and presents for those on my list.

Blessing of Peace,


  1. awesome post. thanks for sharing your traditions and your take on the season.
    Sending healing energy for your recovery.
    Blessed Be
    Check out the 21 Days of Yule Blog party on

  2. Thank you very much for this, Topaz. I've been wondering myself how to mix Christmas and Yule (I'm starting to move more towards Yule, but still hanging out with my family for Christmas.). I forget sometimes how these two holidays are essentially the same thing - celebrating light therapy in the dark winter months. :P