Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year....Dragon !

Happy Chinese New Year.....The year of the Dragon !!!                                                        
  I was glad that the year of the Dragon was once again apon us. 
You may wonder why so I'll tell you.....I was born in another year
of the Dragon and I figure we Dragons need to stick together.  LOL
All kidding aside, this Dragon year is for Water Dragons.  I need to
do a bit of research on this Dragon.  Could have been an Air Dragon
with the tornados and T-storms that blew through the Southern &
Midwestern states late last night and into today.                              
  Now onto the mundane side of life....  Has anyone else noticed how
dead or slow stores are right now ?  Walmart in the little town closest to us has been dead since right after Chrismas.  At first I had a small lost of excuses such as, "Paying off Christmas credit cards", "it's too cold to go out", "it's to rainy, snowy, icey, etc." ; but in reality none of them come clean in the wash { so to speak }.   Take today for example ; I went to check out at Walmart and the cashier has worked there for as long as this store has been here.  I remarked about how "dead" it was and she said she & other cashiers had remarked on it while waiting for customers to check-out.                                                                                                     
Same thing at Kroger , Staples, etc.  The pet-food store was the only store with any real business.  Maybe because they're smart enough to have decent sales on premium dog food.   Hmmm, Yeah that could be it !  That and a good manager who understand "Real Customer Service" !   That's a rarety in and of itself these days.                                                  
  My question is then, If the economy is getting back on track and people are working again why isn't retail showing it when you walk into the stores ?  Shouldn't there be more customers shopping day or night ?   Why are the store parking lots more than half empty ?    Perhaps the government is putting out more BS propaganda to persuaid the American population that things are better than they really are ; but to what         purpose .....Hmmmmm ??                                                                             
Well folks until next time ; stay well, safe, and warm.                               
  Blessings from the Domestic Witchs Ramblings.                                       

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