Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is Advertising Wrong ?

Happy Sadie Hawkins & Leap Day !!

I've been noticing the past few weeks how many witches post almost nothing but their
products in their blogs and Face Book pages. It's not that I think their products {books, potions & lotions, etc.} aren't worth being posted online in their blogs or on Face Book. It's just that seems to be the Only thing they talk about. There's No sharing of their day, thoughts or feelings otehrwise. No unpayed suggestions or tid-bits to aid a fellow sister or brother witch along.
It's almost like reading an infommercial instead of reading something from another pagan elder or witch sister or brother.
Personally, I have went to book stores and looked through some of the books that have been on these infommercials an only found Two with any merit. The rest seemed to be aimed at younger or newbie witch want-to-be's. Most witches have a fairly basic knowledge base ; especially kitchen/green/herb/hedge witches. Yes, I put all of them together since their core beliefs are very similar. So why does any witch worth her or his weight need to purchase a book or whatever the product is when they either already have the knowledge or have a book or whatever that is 70% to 90% similar ???? That my friends is CRAZY.
I'm not saying I do not have a collection of good books on many subjects of the Craft.
I just don't think it's necessary to purchase everyone that's published just so my shelves can hold them. Like in many other things in life....."Less Is More".
I also have dear friends who make and craft many beautiful items and put in their etsy stores and in their own personal blogs and on Face Book. But these same individuals also blog and post things to their Face Book pages about their personal lives and hold conversations with their friends too. They extend a helping hand on-line to those in need by posting daily prayer needs or universal vibes. These are the exact same people who will replace those whose lives are so wrapped up in making money that they forget why they started publishing or crafting in the first place.
Blessed Be the new upcoming elders so they will remain grounded in life.
Just my thoughts and perspective from my corner.

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