Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 ---- Making of a Better Year

2011 --- It has all the making of a better year.  Why do I say that ?  Well because last year wasn't always such a good year for many of us.  Too many people lost their jobs, homes, income, and savings.  Many of us had health and physical issues ; some of them major.

I read recently that 1-1-'11 is a good omen.  I'm all for good or positive omens.  Isn't it all in our belief system ?  I think so.  If we believe something then we can achieve it , and I believe this new year, 2011 is a better year for myself and my family !

Now going about making it so is a more practical question.  Well, if I'm going to believe in something that means placing my spiritual faith in the belief ; therefore I choose to believe things will be better.  On the practical side I will make changes in my diet, exercise, and health habbits to be healthier.  Same with helping my husband.  Yoga and Reiki call to me.  With Yoga, I will have to go slowly.   With money and wealth I will make cut-backs on spending and looking for more sales & resale shops for needed hoem items.  Look for deals { 1/2 price and such} for vacation and other things that encourage rest & relaxation.  Eating at home more and date night twice a month. 

I will give-back to my community and help those who need & desire a hand-up instead of a hand-out.  Personally, I was taught and believe these are 2 separate things.  Hand-up is teaching someone to fish so he/she can eat for a lifetime ; where as hand-out is giving someone a fish so they can eat a meal only and come back for more hand-outs daily.  That is dependance  , much like an drug or alcohole addict.

So, what say you ?  Will 2011 be a better year for you and your loved ones or just the smae old thing ?  The choice is yours...each of you !

New Years / 2011 Blessings.


  1. 2011 will be a great year I think. Last year was hard, but a lot of good things came from all the hard work and life lessons that were learned.

    This year I want to build on the foundations that I laid last year, making things even better.

    It is a year full of promise and hope, and I am so ready for it!

  2. I'm hoping 2011 will be a good year too. Then again, I hope every year is a good one. I suppose that all we can do is make good resolutions, strive towards our goals and help others through the hard times ahead. :)