Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Day of January....

  Today the temp is up to 57 degree with no rain & blue skies.  Sounds like the perfect spring day doesn't it ; too bad it's the last day of January, and that means it's in the dead of winter here in North America.  I know Imbolic is only 2 days away and that it's seen by many as the 1st of the Spring Festivals, but in the Northern Hemisphere it's supposed to be cold with snow and ice.
  Having said all that I think Mother Nature is pissed at us or something along that line.  Could be that the earth is in another cycle that we humans haven't been around long enough to have witnessed before too.  Or it could be the beginning of the last year for us as the Myan Calender predicted.   Hmmm......

  Personally, I'm not going to poo-poo any of the above because I just don't know which if any could actually be happening.  I do know that scientifically speaking all this warm weather without a long cold snap with snow {or gods forbid ice} will cause a drought this summer and crops will not be good.  Too many bad things can come of this warner winter than any positive in the long run.  

  A friend suggested someone should do a "rain dance" , but I'm thinking it should be a snow dance instead.  Those of you who know me will be smiling or snickering about now....Yes, I did say a snow dance.  While I may distest cold, snow & ice , I do understand the necessity of them during the winter months.  Still think I should live in a warmer climate but that's another story all together.

  So what say you fellow pagans and sister/brother witches....Should we give it a try to coax Mother Nature into sending us some colder weather with some needed snow ?   I'm game if you are.

  Blessed Be,
  Topaz the Rambling Witch

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