Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Todays Thoughts.....

Todays thoughts go from the roast and veggie's I've had in my crockpot the past few hours to "Operation Shield" that occured yesterday in MD for a fallen soldier and his family.

Today started as it always does ; up before 5am to take hubby to work and wait 45 minuets to pick ldest up from his job.  Back home to feed my 4-legged toddler and then to start the days laundry, make fresh coffee { A Must }, and to begin my daily routine here at home.   Part of my am routine today was to put a nice roast in the crockpot and chop all the fresh veggies and herbs before adding them.  Let me tell you something , thse folks on the Food Network make it look so easy.  Let us see them cutting, chopping, and pouring ingrediants into those cute little bowls before the show starts !  That's Never going to happen folks ; Ya know why ?  They have Sou-Chef's do all of it before hand ; including all the cooking and baking so all the show's star has is a display of sorts.

OK, enough of my ranting here.  I feel so much better for it too.  Back on subject, after cuting & chopping for 20 minuets I had my CP filled with everything needed for tonights main course.  I did some intentional chopping too {health & wealth}.   Same with making the am coffee.  No luck in having a bubble or two in my mug this morning.  This doesn't happen much for me ; not sure why either.

The daily laundry was started and toddler fed and put in his kennel for his am nap.  Checked on the other 4-legged children {aka cats} and fed a couple that didn't come in for their 5 am feeding.  Decided on a couple more chores that will be done today, then hopped online to check e-mails and facebook.

Bless my friend, Mrs. B. , she shared a YouTube post of "Operation Shield" that happened yesterday in MD for a fallen soldier and his family.  Thanks Mrs. B. for sharing that post !  

I have to say that while I watched it I cried.  It was amazing to see all those people standing alongside the highway where his funeral was passing by with their American flags and shirts supporting his family.  Bless all of them for supporting him and his family.   I'm so glad those awful people from the so-called Baptist church left !  

There are a number of reasons I am so passionate about this :
1} I have 2 nephews that are Marines.  One served in Iraq multiple times and had friends die there.  They both will be going to Afghanastan shortly.
2} I am an ex-Navy wife and as such know the angruish the family and friends are going through when a loved one {Sailor, Marine,Soldier, or Airman} dies in the line of duty for this country.
3} I was raised to honor and respect the dead and their loved ones during their time of grief.  
4} Respect should always be given to those who were willing to lay down their lives to protect our freedoms !

Enough said on my end.



  1. Well said, Topaz. I think it's crazy that some people can't separate supporting our soldiers from the decision to go to war. Whatever the government decides, the soldiers are the ones who have to carry out the orders no matter what, and I think that deserves a HUGE amount of respect.

    P.S. Something I figured out with complex recipes: cut up and prep everything the day you buy it. Then when you're actually making it, it's a matter of dumping bowl #1 in with bowl #2. But you're right about the Food Network people. I like to think that were they to go up against Julia Childs, they'd get their asses handed to them on their own platters. :P

  2. Being a Marylander, I'm proud and pleased as punch that Operation Shield was such a success.. I just love that!

    Thanks for venting and sharing.. as someone who likes to cook but hates to chop, I feel your pain! lol

  3. I appreciate each person who replies to my posts. It wasn't until today that I learned how to post my "reply comments" here.
    Sorry this ol' bird took so long to do so.

    Topaz ; }