Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Winning Numbers....

Last nights winning Mega Millions numbers have 4 of the same numbers that was a re-occuring theme in the TV series "Lost".  Life & Art interact once again.  Is it a bit of magick, perhaps.  If so, I want some of that type of magick to work for my husband & I.

There may be some who think that is wrong, but I think / believe it's OK.  The way I look at it is this :  When my husband & I win the lotto {win big too} we will of course take care of our furture and that of our sons, but also will be able to help {hands-up} those in need ; both human and 4 legged.  Spread the wealth on our own terms.

Whoever the 2 very fortunate winners are I wish them the very best and hope they get wise financial advise.

What say each of you ; is it magickal or is it luck ??


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  1. There are three things in this world that the gods have no control over whatsoever: sports, Brittany Spears, and lottery tickets. Sorry, Topaz. I think it's just luck. :) But best to you anyway!